Kalista DreamPlay X and XC: MQA and DSD in a Futuristic Design

French audio brand Kalista has introduced two concept audio sources: the DreamPlay Model X and XC digital CD/SACD Players/Streamers. According to Kalista, their arrival is a response to a long-standing demand from fans of the brand for a system that works with SACD. Both new items, in addition to CD/SACD transport capabilities, support the functions of a network streamer and DAC.

Both models work with native DSD up to 256 and are MQA compatible. Network connection is possible both in cable and wireless version – via Wi-Fi. The new devices are also equipped with digital USB inputs and AES/EBU outputs.

Kalista DreamPlay X and XC

On board the DreamPlay XC modification, there is also its own DAC, which works with both PCM and DSD, and is complemented by a digital volume control from the French company Leedh Processing. Jean Marie Clauzel, owner and developer of Kalista, stated that:

For me, DreamPlay X is the assertion that Kalista plays in the big leagues, or -better- that we are one of the major leaders in this field. There is no comparable device now on the market.

Both versions of the DreamPlay X feature futuristic designs in a combination of silver and black aluminum with transparent methacrylate on stainless steel legs. Round touch screen completed the picture.

Kalista DreamPlay X back panel

In Europe, the Kalista DreamPlay X will cost 59,900 euros, while the DreamPlay XC will cost 68,700 euros.

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