Jadis Diapason Luxe tube amplifier: gold plated and optional USB input

Renowned for its tube audio, the French company Jadis has unveiled the Diapason Luxe integrated amplifier. The company classified it as entry-level, but its three transformers are hand-wound with “vintage” resin impregnation, and the non-magnetic stainless steel frame is gold-plated.

The amplifier operates in Class AB using a semi-automatic bias circuit. The set of seven tubes includes one miniature double Electro Harmonix ECC82 triode and two Tung-Sol EC83 double triodes – all Russian-made. The output stage contains four Tung-Sol 6L6 vibration-proof ceramic mounted (two per channel).

Jadis Diapason Luxe

Diapason Luxe is assembled at the Jadis factory in Willowuber. This 12 kg integrated amplifier delivers up to 15 watts per channel with a load impedance of 4 to 8 ohms and responds to a frequency range from 20 Hz to 25 kHz with a flatness of -3 dB.

Jadis Diapason Luxe

One of the Diapason Luxe’s six line-level analog RCA inputs can be exchanged for a digital USB input on request. The release of new items is scheduled for September.

Jadis Diapason Luxe

In the UK, the Jadis Diapason Luxe tube IC will cost £3,500. For an additional £100, one of the line inputs will be replaced by USB.

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