Bladelius Oden: 60kg balanced dual mono

The integrated amplifier Bladelius Oden is a premium model at the top of the lineup of the Swedish company Bladelius. The brand’s leader, Mike Bladelius, emphasized its true symmetrical circuitry in a dual mono topology.

To minimize the signal path, the Oden designers were able to get by with only one voltage amplification stage. At the same time, it was possible to obtain an output power of up to 800W in a channel to acoustics with an impedance of 4 Ohm – and this with a nominal distortion of less than 0.01% and a signal-to-noise ratio better than 125dB.

The Oden front end is based on a pair of carefully hand-selected Jfet assemblies. Here, special attention is paid to the identity of the parameters of each of the two amplifiers that make up the Oden.

In terms of power supply, the device uses a capacitor bank with a capacity of more than 200,000 μF. At the same time, custom Noratel toroidal transformers that meet Bladelius specifications provide a total power supply of 3.2 kW.

The company representatives assured that Oden will cope with the most difficult workload. The weight of this amplifier corresponds to 60 kg. No wonder the branded packing box is designed for two people to carry. A non-magnetic milled aluminum casing with a carefully calculated passive convective cooling system also contributed here.

Oden accepts the input signal on WBT connectors: two pairs of balanced and five pairs of unbalanced. Preamplifier outputs are also provided. All this can, if desired, be supplemented with an optional phono stage for MM / MC cartridges.

Bladelius Oden integrated amplifier will cost about 13,900 euros.

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