The Merason Frérot DAC is equipped with a BurrBrown 1794a chipset

Swiss dafraud GmbH presented the Junior model of its two DAC — Merason Frérot. The new product’s motto is “small on the outside, but big in the sound”. The authors promised excellent audiophile experiences for a small budget. Frérot received the basic technology from its older brother, DAC1.

Frérot is really compact, especially in comparison with the full — size older model-it takes up the area of a standard sheet of paper on the table. The new product is based on the BurrBrown 1794a chipset and supports PCM up to a bitrate of 24 bits/192 kHz. In the analog part, a fully balanced signal path is implemented — accordingly, there are outputs for symmetrical XLR, supplemented by asymmetric RCA.Digital switching is represented by a USB input, two coaxial and two Toslink inputs. A rotary input selector is located on the front panel. The cost of the Merason Frérot was 1,000 euro.