Bluesound HUB – network wireless hub for Bluesound systems

Bluesound has introduced the HUB, a branded network accessory that wirelessly transmits audio from an audio source to compatible Bluesound brand devices. These can be wireless speakers or network connection endpoints such as Node and Powernode.

The Bluesound HUB is suitable for wirelessly streaming music to one or more Bluesound devices throughout the home. For this, the device immediately received 5 input switching options: HDMI eARC, coaxial, digital optical, analog stereo and even the input of the built-in MM phono stage. Bluesound claims that this equalizer is “audiophile grade, wideband and low noise“.

Bluesound HUB

The HUB is capable of transmitting one digital and one analog source simultaneously to different Bluesound or BluOS players. Moreover, up to four such hubs can coexist in one network.

All configurations are managed using the BluOS app. For signal transmission, dual-band Wi-Fi or gigabit Ethernet is used. Another convenience is that it is powered by a universal adapter via USB-C, the loss of a cable or Bluesound HUB power supply is not terrible.

Bluesound HUB

In the US, the Bluesound HUB costs $320.

Bluesound HUB Specifications

  • Operating System BluOS
  • BluOS Controller Operating System iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS
  • Control System Integrations (via software update) Control4, Crestron, URC, RTI, ELAN, Lutron
  • Simultaneous Audio Streams 2 per HUB, 1 x analog audio input, 1 x digital audio input
  • Maximum Number Units 4x HUB on single network (8 simultaneous streams)
  • Native Sampling Rates up to 192 kHz
  • Bit Depth 16-24
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio >100 dB (Line input) >80 dB (Phono MM input)
  • Distortion <0.03% 20-20 kHz -1dBFS output
  • Frequency Response 20-20 kHz +/-0.3dB; 50 kHz -3dB