Estelon will release an anniversary version of Forza acoustics for the brand’s tenth anniversary

Estelon has been around for 10 years, and we decided to celebrate the anniversary with the release of a limited version of Forza acoustics. The Forza model appeared in 2019 as a simplified version of the flagship extreme acoustics and received many awards.

A special version called Forza Anniversary Edition is primarily distinguished by its finish: it combines a black pearl-glossy case with Golden accents that emphasize the shape of the device, and the panel with terminals is decorated with an engraved painting by the author of acoustics, Alfred Vasilkov.

Estelon Forza

The model is 4-way, has two woofers, midwoofer, midrange and tweeter. All speakers are designed and manufactured by Accuton. In the low-frequency and mid-bass ranges, emitters with aluminum sandwich diaphragms work, the middle is voiced by a ceramic driver. An inch-long diamond tweeter plays as much as 60 kHz — the exact same one installed in the Bugatti Chiron.

The shape of the Forza case not only attracts attention, but also has a positive effect on the sound, fighting reflections and providing linear dispersion not only directly on the acoustic axis, but also outside it. It is claimed that the combination of curved panels with carefully designed internal cameras effectively dampens unwanted vibrations of the case, and a solid weight of 150 kg per column ensures stability.

Estelon Forza

A total of 10 anniversary versions of Estelon Forza will be released. The cost of the limited Anniversary Edition was not announced.

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