Russ Andrews introduced accessories for cleaning vinyl discs and styluses

Russ Andrews (Russ Andrews), audiophile, brand and leader of the company of the same name from the UK, offered cleaning products for vinyl lovers. These small additions to any vinyl setup can sometimes dramatically improve the sound quality.

Among the new products is the Groove Cleaner Brush for cleaning the tracks of the record. The brush is made using ultra-thin nylon bristles with a diameter of 50 microns-thinner than a human hair. Nylon is guaranteed not to interact with any cleaning products, so the brush can also be used with cleaning fluids for plates — this will give better results.

Russ Andrews introduced accessories for cleaning vinyl discs and styluses

In addition to the sound grooves of the record, you should keep the stylus itself clean. This is what the Stylus Super Clean brush is designed for, also made of thin nylon fibers. For greater effect, it was recommended to use it with A cleaning liquid for Russ Andrews TipTonic styluses.

According to Russ Andrews, this product is designed specifically for the gentle removal of hard, congealed deposits that accumulate at the tip of the needle. The manufacturer stated that regular use of the Stylus Super Clean will not only restore the original sound, but also extend the life of both the stylus and the records it comes in contact with.

In the UK, the Groove Cleaner Brush costs 25 pounds, the Stylus Super Clean Brush costs 20 pounds, and the Stylus Super Clean Brush comes with a TipTonic liquid bottle costs 29 pounds.

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