Universal Music bought the rights to all of Bob Dylan’s songs

Bob Dylan sold the rights to all of his songs to Universal Music. We are talking about 600 compositions. Experts have already declared this deal one of the largest and boldest in the history of modern music.

Universal Music now owns all of Dylan’s hits, including the early “Blowin’ In the Wind”, “Like A Rolling Stone” and “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”. The company also received the rights to the latest tracks from the album “Rough And Rowdy Ways”.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the new York Times journalists, based on insider information, suggested that Dylan received about $300 million. The contract was signed personally by the musician, who was the copyright holder of all his songs. It is also known that Dylan not only gave up the rights to his music, but also will not receive any profit from the written songs. All the money will go to Universal Music.

Universal Music noted that it is a privilege and responsibility to represent “one of the greatest artists of all time”.

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