Fully wireless headphones S. Ebuds: charging from the sun and the dynamics of graphene

A startup from Hong Kong, S. E Tech, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for the production of TWS headphones S. Ebuds with solar charging. The bottom line is that the engineers placed solar micro-panels both on the headphones themselves and on the case, which can also be used as a Hiking power Bank.

To recharge the headphones, you can put them in a charging case or just leave them in the sun. If the weather is good, the headphones will be fully charged from the sun in 2.5 hours. From the case, the headphones can be charged in 45 minutes. The case itself needs 7.5 hours when charging from solar energy or 2 hours (up to 100% of the battery) when charging via the usual USB. One full charge of the headphones will last for 6 hours of operation.


If we talk about other parameters, S. Ebuds received graphene emitters of 8 mm with a sensitivity of 97 dB. There is active noise reduction and Bluetooth 5.0.also worth noting is IPX5 protection.

To date, S. Ebuds headphones can be ordered via Kickstarter for $60 (the simplest set). If the campaign is successful, deliveries will begin in may next year. So far, only about $100 has been raised out of the planned $20,000.

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