Padmate Launches PaMu Quiet Fully Wireless Headphones with Smart Adaptive ANC Technology

Austrian company Ams and Chinese Padmate presented in-ear TWS headphones PaMu Quiet. A special feature of the headphones is the special AS3460 Digital Augmented Hearing add-on chip from Ams. According to its creators, this special circuit will provide the highest quality active noise cancellation with automatic adjustment to the environment.

According to Ams and Padmate, the aforementioned chip and Qualcomm’s advanced Bluetooth module will deliver unmatched performance. Padmate has boldly stated that its new headphones are the best ANC model on the market.

Padmate PaMu Quiet

Ams representatives noted that their technology has made the already good headphones even better: the user can rely not only on comfort, high-quality sound and a wide range of options, but also on pure, absolutely silent sound.

Padmate PaMu Quiet

AS3460 Digital Augmented Hearing chip will provide up to 40dB noise reduction. In addition, the technology will automatically adjust the sound and volume, and when necessary, it will recognize the voice and clear it of interference. PaMu Quiet headphones are equipped with 10 mm titanium speakers. The wireless module supports aptX, SBC and AAC. Music lovers were promised rich bass.

Padmate PaMu Quiet

A single battery charge lasts 3.5 hours, but you can get about 10 more hours from the battery case in total. There is IPX4 protection. Also, Padmate paid attention to high-quality materials: metal, leather, special plastic from GE Plastics.

PaMu Quiet headphones were priced at $120. Padmate sells the novelty worldwide directly through its own online store.