More than 80,000 virus-tested people visit Shanghai Music China 2020 Exhibition

Today, no one will surprise anyone with a canceled exhibition of world significance or a rock star concert postponed for an indefinite period. In the good old days, we started preparing for such a large-scale event in a year, but the Chinese coronavirus has changed the world so much that now it is almost pointless to make plans. However, recently, ironically, China has given hope to humanity for the return of everyone’s beloved music exhibitions.

Shanghai Music China 2020 Exhibition

At the end of October, a major exhibition of musical instruments and studio equipment Music China 2020 was held in Shanghai. And this despite the fact that most countries are canceling all such events and mastering a new online format.

Some Western journalists thought that this time the Chinese set a good example and will hold other exhibitions, including NAMM, next year. Online guitar magazine interviewed Sylvia Xue, co-manager of Music China 2020.

Shanghai Music China 2020 Exhibition

Sylvia said that the exhibition was held in accordance with all the requirements put forward by the police. During the exhibition, the order, distance and masks were monitored by the police themselves. There were 1,106 exhibitors from 15 countries at Music China 2020. The exhibition was attended by 81,761 people. In 2019, there were 122,519 visitors.

Also, the representative of Music China 2020 said that China, thanks to the actions of the government, has become a very safe place from the point of view of viruses, so they were not afraid to hold the event.

Each visitor was required to present a special “health card” and electronic ID-card. Thus, the carriers of the virus would not have been able to penetrate the territory of the exhibition. At least that’s what the organizers said.

Shanghai Music China 2020 Exhibition

It is worth noting that the measures taken, including strict controls and individual kits with masks and antiseptics for each visitor and exhibitor, were not sufficient for some large companies. For example, guitar amplifier manufacturer Orange refused to travel to China. But Roland, Gibson, Pioneer and Taylor were there.