Wireworld Stream Audio Interconnects: DNA Helix Geometry and Composilex 3 Isolation

American firm Wireworld Cable Technology presented Stream Audio interconnect cables. These highly flexible 25 AWG cables use Wireworld’s patented DNA Helix conductor geometry, which is protected by U.S. patents, and according to a press release, it features a twisted, two-layer internal cable structure using eight separated parallel conductors. This technology is said to reduce the electromagnetic eddies and current losses that occur in conventional stranded and solid conductors.

Wireworld Cable said it is capable of providing audible and measurable improvements in musical detail, natural sound quality and dynamic performance.
Stream Audio cables, along with 100% shielding, also use Composilex 3 insulation. This is the third generation of 10 years of Wireworld development aimed at minimizing the audible triboelectric noise that is generated inside the cables.

The use of this isolation option, according to the company, will reveal the realistic harmonic structure and spaciousness of the original sound.

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