KT Audio expands portfolio with Orpheus 211P and 211IT tube amplifiers

Vietnamese tube amplifier company KT Audio has released the 211 Orpheus. As the name implies, the company compared its creation with the outstanding musical and singing talents of the hero of ancient Greek myths Orpheus. According to KT Audio, the sound of Orpheus will be loved by all music lovers: the developers have promised warmth, softness, detail and a large dynamic range. To date, the company has released two Orpheus versions. The 211P is a classic power amplifier and the 211IT is a full amplifier.

The company did not provide any technical details, but judging by the appearance, the new items, like the previous KT Audio devices, are made in a traditional design with open lamps, large transformer blocks on the top panels and volumetric meters on the facade. Each amplifier from KT Audio is signed by founder Le Kim Thach.
The company has not announced pricing for the new models.

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