Love Record Stores 2021 will be held in early autumn

The organizers of the Love Record Stores pandemic support campaign launched by the UK have published the date for it in 2021 – September 4. As a reminder, last year’s Love Record Stores took place on June 20. It consisted of online performances in the form of live music, DJ sets, interviews and presentations. All of this was a success, with over 130 UK record stores including Phonica, Honest Jons and Mr Bongo, among others, earning nearly a million pounds in revenue.

The organizers explained the postponement of the original date by their concerns about the operating modes of stores in the context of an ongoing pandemic. Just like last time, about 130 stores will take part in the action. There will be meetings and live performances on this day, also available online.

The Ambassador for Love Record Stores 2021 will be a London-based producer, songwriter, singer, drummer, rapper and, last but not least, a former employee of the Georgia Music Store. Her second album, Seeking Thrills, released last year through Domino Recordings, was shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize.

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