Neurable Enten: headphones that can read brain activity appears on Indiegogo

A startup appeared on Indiegogo with headphones capable of reading brain activity, and based on the results, select the appropriate music. The headphones are called Neurable Enten. To read brain activity, 16 special sensors are built into the ear cushions of the headphones.

Neurable Enten headphones

The headphones are paired with a special application that processes the received data. According to co-founder of the startup and neuroscientist Ramses Alkaid, the principle of operation is similar to neuroimplants – only the electrodes are not connected directly to the brain, but are located outside, so the accuracy is lower. However, it is close to a laboratory one. Also, the headphone software will be able to analyze productivity at one time or another, and draw up graphs. In addition, thanks to neural networks, a learning function is declared, which, based on activity and behavior, will more accurately select music for a specific user.

Neurable Enten headphones

As for the rest, these are ordinary wireless headphones working via Bluetooth 5.1 (it is also possible to connect headphones via a wire via a 3.5mm jack). The headphones support the APT-X codec. The built-in battery lasts for 12 hours of listening to music.

Neurable Enten headphones

The announced price for the Neurable Enten headphones will be around $399. The first buyers will start receiving the headphones in May 2022.

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