Trafomatic Audio Announces Reference Glenn 300B PSE

Serbian company Trafomatic Audio, specializing in tube technology, has announced the Glenn monoblock. According to the manufacturer, this single-ended mono amplifier is ready to handle multiple tube options in the output stage. The novelty has received a PSE (parallel single ended) topology – that is, it uses two parallel lamps in the output stage.

With two classic 300B direct-fired triodes in grid current mode, the amplifier is ready to deliver up to 12 watts. Under normal lamp operation, the power will rise to 18 watts. If Emission Labs 300B XLS lamps are installed in Glenn, its power will increase even more – up to 25 watts.

The amplifier received a massive black case with lamps and transformers in metal screens installed in plain sight. The front panel of each Glenn monoblock was decorated with a large voltmeter. Detailed specifications of the novelty should soon appear on the Trafomatic Audio website.

So far, nothing is known about the cost of the new item.