Vermouth Audio Studio Monitor: RAAL tweeters, Accuton speakers and Jantzen crossovers

Bali based and renowned for its cable products, the Indonesian company Vermouth Audio has unveiled renders of its Studio Monitor speakers. All of them received a black lacquer finish with a distinctive wide bevel on the front panel. The speakers are made in three versions: the older Studio Monitor was equipped with a pair of low-midrange drivers with a tweeter located between them. Then there are the Micro Studio Monitor and the budget Economic Micro Studio Monitor: both are classic two-way bookshelf speakers with a tweeter mounted above the woofer-midrange speaker.

In the role of the latter in all three speakers, a five-inch Accuton model with a ceramic diffuser works. The tweeters for the Vermouth Audio Studio Monitor acoustics are selected from the RAAL portfolio: in the older speakers, the RAAL 70-20XR AM is installed, and the Economic model received the RAAL 64-10 with a smaller ribbon radiator area.

Vermouth Audio Studio Monitor

All Vermouth Audio Studio Monitor speakers are equipped with premium Jantzen crossovers. The OCC internal wiring and rhodium-plated copper speaker cable terminals are Vermouth Audio’s own products.

Vermouth Audio Studio Monitor

In the US, the estimated prices for Vermouth Audio Micro Studio Monitors are $6,000, Economic Micro Studio – $4,175, but there is no information about the older model yet.

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