ISE 2021 will be held in four European cities

The visitor does not go to the ISE – the ISE goes to the visitor (and the participant too). This can be used to describe the actions of the organizers of the exhibition in an attempt to maintain its attendance in the context of a pandemic. There is undoubtedly a demand for the June four-day Integrated Systems Europe 2021 moved to Barcelona. But there is no certainty that the pandemic will not interfere with its future visitors and participants.

In this uncertain situation, Integrated Systems Events has planned to host ISE Live & Online in Barcelona, ​​Munich, Amsterdam and London, targeting the offline audience of each of these countries and the online audience of the whole world.

“Our exhibitors made it clear that there is a desire to unite the industry, but at a local level”, said Mike Blackman, managing director of Integrated Systems Events.

The dates for ISE Live & Online are already known. in Fira Barcelona, the exhibition will take place on June 1 and 2, 8-9 – at the MAC Forum, Munich, June 15-16 – RAI, Amsterdam and, finally, June 23-24 – at Evolution, Battersea.

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