Tom Danley announced 4-way active speakers Hyperion

Danley Sound Labs and its leader, American acoustic engineer Tom Danley, announced the appearance of Hyperion floor standing speakers on their website. They will be released in the Tom Danley Signature series and will be, according to Danley Sound Labs, “the culmination of more than 30 years of Tom’s experience in creating innovative speaker systems.”

Hyperion will receive a patented speaker configuration that allows different speakers to sound as one unit. Each 4-way system includes an inch tweeter, a 5 “midrange with neodymium magnets and a pair of 8” woofers with cellulose cones and neodymium magnets. The two opposed 15-inch long-throw subwoofer drivers will receive a separate enclosure.

Danley Sound Labs Hyperion

Each speaker will be powered by 750, 1500 and 2650 W amplifiers, operating in the high, mid and low frequency ranges, respectively. The new product produces 124 dB of peak SPL, and the published graphs of its frequency response are very linear.

Danley Sound Labs claims the Hyperion will be available soon. True, the company has not provided any prices for finished products, or even their photographs, only drawings and graphs.

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