Lake People Violectric DHA V590 Headphone DAC/Amp: Dual Mono and Preamp Features

German company Lake People Electronic, known for its Studio equipment, introduced a DAC-amplifier for headphones Violectric DHA V590. Under the Violectric brand, models are produced for a wide range of consumers, but the DHA V590 has received many properties of a professional device. According to the manufacturers, the new product belongs to the reference class and, in addition to the functions of the DAC-amplifier, can also work as a preamp. To do this, it received a pair of switched analog RCA inputs and one balanced XLR — in addition to almost all available digital switching options. These include AES/EBU, coaxial and optical S/PDIF, and USB for direct connection to a PC or Mac.

The DAC section is represented by two 32-bit akm4490 DACS in the “dual mono” configuration. The system works with a PCM signal bitrate up to 32 bit / 384 kHz, and any signal can be scaled in between to full resolution. In addition, DSD is supported in the DoP variant (DSD over PCM). Promised vanishingly small levels of jitter-this is responsible for a particularly accurate, according to developers, Femto-timer. The new product has a dynamic range of 180dB. The volume knob is displayed on the front panel, which is controlled by the Alps RK27 motorized potentiometer. Interestingly, the Violectric DHA V590 also provides balance adjustment, for which the circuit provides another such potentiometer. However, the volume can also be controlled by a 256-step set of resistors with relay switching. In this case, the full name of the device will look like Violectric DHA V590 PRO.

The analog part of the novelty is a fully discrete balanced circuit with 16 transistors per channel. The rear panel has a level trim that can be used with different headphone models. Provides protection against DC current, overload or overvoltage, and the headphones are connected to the source with a delay to protect against transients when turned on. There are five headphone outputs: two 6.3 mm jacks and a balanced 4-pin XLR on the front panel, plus a balanced and unbalanced outputs at the rear. They can be used individually or together. The DHA V590 includes four headphone amplifiers, ready to deliver 5,500 mW each into 50 ohms. Accordingly, the system operates a power supply based on a pair of toroidal transformers with a set of filtering capacitors with a capacity of more than 35,000 μF.

All this was placed in a fairly compact black aluminum case. The family affiliation of the novelty to professional equipment is confirmed by a detailed indication of the operating modes on the front panel. The full functionality of the Violectric DHA V590 is available from an infrared remote control. The cost of the Violectric DHA V590 preamp, DAC and headphone amplifier was 3,200 euro. The Violectric DHA V590 PRO version costs 400 euro more.

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