Playback Designs released the flagship power amplifier Dream Amplifier SPA-8

The Dream Amplifier SPA-8 has become the flagship of the Playback Designs lineup. The device turned out to be impressive both in terms of dimensions and weight, and in terms of characteristics. This 130kg amplifier is capable of 2 x 1600W @ 4 ohms. The company has highlighted several features: a Class A differential input stage with ultra-low noise and linear phase; fully discrete class A voltage amplifier stage; bipolar output stage in AB-class; Low impedance CFP bias generator with TRAK technology for speed and precision.

Among other things, the manufacturer stressed that the SPA-8 amplifier contains 20 bipolar 200-W transistors per channel, two separate shielded toroidal transformers of 1,800 VA and capacitors of 294,000 μF. An autonomous processor control system operates on each channel.

The Dream Amplifier SPA-8 is manufactured in the USA. The cost of the model has not yet been announced.

Power: 2 x 1600 W @ 4 Ohms
KNISH: 0.00054% (1 kHz, 400 W) S / N: 98 dB (1 W, 20 Hz – 22 kHz)
Weight: 130 kg
Dimensions: 860x730x340 mm

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