The Metallica drummer has compiled a playlist of his favorite songs of all time

American drummer and cofounder of the metal band Metallica Lars Ulrich has compiled a playlist of his favorite songs, according to Far Out Magazine.
The publication notes that the list of 26 tracks includes mainly rock compositions. But you can also find blues, reggae and even hip-hop in it.

Lars Ulrich put the song “Tap into the Power” by the trash group Suicidal Tendencies to the first place in the selection, behind it is “Exodus” by Bob Marley, which was included in the album of the same name by the musician and his reggae group The Wailers, the third position at Kyuss and their hard rock track “Green Machine”.

The drummer put “If I Had a Gun” by British rockers from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds in fourth place, while Arctic Monkeys and their 2012 hit “R U Mine?”

Lars Ulrich also included in his “Speed ​​King” playlist by Deep Purple the song “Wang Dang Doodle” by Coco Taylor (called the “Queen of the Blues”), “Breed” by Nirvana, “The Hidden Masters” of the heavy metal band The Sword, “Radio / Video” by the Armenian-American rock band System of a Down and others.

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