Erzetich Releases Their 3rd Audiophile Compilation on a Gold-Plated CD

Erzetich is proud to release their third compilation in the audiophile-grade CD trilogy, celebrating some of the top international indipendent artists. Great quality, great music, great vibes.

Today, Erzetich, a leading audio specialist dedicated to producing quality audio gear, has released the third gold-plated audiophile-grade CD titled Gold III, celebrating established and upcoming indie artists alike, including Baker Grace (US), Bernardine (Australia), Lipford (Italy), Lolah (US), LUME (UK), Michael Wilford (Canada), PELA (UK), Phonix (Italy), Possimiste (Iceland), Razteria (US), Tart Vandelay (US), The Watters (US), UNA (US) and Wonky Tonk (US).

The release of the third gold-plated CD marks a milestone in the company’s history, which has championed a reputation for manufacturing audiophile headphones and headphone amplifiers, in addition to Gold series CDs to promote highly creative musicians from around the world.

Erzetich Releases Their 3rd Audiophile Compilation on a Gold-Plated CD

Gold III, the third audiophile-grade CD, reflects Erzetich’s penchant for fine-quality audio, showcasing the creative genius of musicians from around the world. In case you missed the artists who made the cover of Gold and Gold II, take a look on the website.

You can grab your copy of Gold III today, retailing for just €10. It’s for a non-profit cause, as the payment only covers material costs and shipping.

Erzetich feels that the indie artists featured in these compilations deserve a fair amount of attention for the quality music they continue to produce. By purchasing the disc, you are opening up new avenues for these gifted musicians, allowing them to hone their craft further with your show of appreciation.

Blaž Erzetič: “Our company will always continue to promote the art of music and good sound.

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Erzetich Compilation Gold III Tracklist:

  • 01 Baker Grace BYFM 3:20
  • 02 Razteria Why 3:29
  • 03 Phonix Miracle 3:33
  • 04 Lipford Run Away 3:33
  • 05 LUME Silent 3:32
  • 06 Michael Wilford Rattle My Bones (feat. Sail Cassady) 3:26
  • 07 UNA Elephant Girl 3:38
  • 08 PELA In the Young 3:37
  • 09 Tart Vandelay Silver Skies 4:44
  • 10 Possimiste Amazon 3:17
  • 11 Bernardine Horizon 3:39
  • 12 LOLAH Back in Time 3:36
  • 13 The Watters Can’t Hold Onto Time 4:09
  • 14 Wonky Tonk & The HiLife Lessons 6:54