Göbel High End Divin Sovereign – new flagship subwoofer

The German company Göbel High End has announced the start of sales of a new model of the Divin Sovereign active subwoofer, which will start after the presentation at the exhibition in Munich.

Göbel High End Divin Sovereign

The Göbel High End Divin Sovereign subwoofer is equipped with a branded woofer with an 18-inch cone on a wide suspension in a closed acoustic design. The power of the built-in amplifier is 2,500 watts, the operating frequency range is from 10 to 200 Hz. The built-in processor allows you to adjust the level, cutoff frequency, slope of the slope, signal delay and many other parameters. The subwoofer enclosure is made of 75 mm thick composite boards, finished with piano lacquer in any color of the customer’s choice. The weight of the model is 145 kilograms.

Göbel High End Divin Sovereign

The Göbel High End Divin Sovereign active subwoofer will be sold on the European market for 29,500 euros.

Göbel High End Divin Sovereign Specifications

  • Principle: active and DSP controlled subwoofer in a closed chamber design 1 pcs. Göbel® High End proprietary long-throw subwoofer chassis (18 inch)
  • Driver: acoustically optimized, constrained-layer damping, with internal extensive
  • Enclosure: bracings, tropical room proof, resin bounded composite board with max. 75mm wall thickness
  • Standard finish: real piano lacquer black, aluminum parts in black ultra matt soft touch with silver brushed aluminum high lights.
  • Total output power: 2.500 Watt
  • Inputs: 1 pair XLR / 1 pair RCA / 1pcs. 12V trigger input
  • Outputs: 1 pair XLR pass through / 1 pair RCA pass through
  • SP adjustments: input gain / input channel selection and mixer / low pass filter with adjustable
  • Frequency response: frequency and slope / subsonic filter with adjustable frequency and slope / 5 parametric EQ with adjustable frequency, gain and Q value / delay depending on the adjusted DSP filters from 10HZ – 200Hz
  • Dimensions: 78cm (H) x 54cm / 44cm (W) x 60cm (D)
  • Weight: 145 kg without packaging