Updated acoustics Kudos Cardea C10 and C20 received modified crossovers and drivers

The founder and chief designer of the British company Kudos Audio, Derek Gilligan, announced that he was ready to sell the updated models of Cardea C10 (shelf units) and C20 (floor standing) speakers. In fact, the new items were ready a year ago, but it took time to develop a certain stock of samples and parts – in particular, crossovers.

Modified Cardea crossovers are the pride of Kudos. These are minimalistic schemes of the first or second order, according to the company, bringing only the necessary changes to the signal. The crossovers contain ICW capacitors, Mundorf coreless inductors, and Mundorf MOX resistors. Internal speaker wiring is done with Kudos KS-1 cable.

Updated Kudos Cardea C10 and C20

As for the speakers, both models use products from the Norwegian company SEAS. Responsible for the high frequencies is a specially modified version of the famous Crescendo K2 silk dome tweeter in caliber 29 mm.

Updated Kudos Cardea C10 and C20

At the lower end of the range, custom 180mm speakers with openwork cast baskets and synthetic-coated paper cones are in action.

The C10 and C20 versions of this driver differ in voice coil diameters: 39 mm and 26 mm, respectively. Both speakers received a central bullet-like phase-equalizing body.

Updated Kudos Cardea C10 and C20

Cabinets C10 and C20 are made of High Density Fiberboard (HDF). Unlike MDF, common in such cases, this material is stronger and tougher, it more accurately maintains its mechanical parameters. The speakers are veneered in white, walnut, natural oak and black oak.

In the UK, Kudos Cardea speakers will cost £3,500 for the C10 shelf units and £4,000 for the C20 floor standing speakers.

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