Jay’s Audio CD2-MP3: Philips CDM 4 drive and i2s output via HDMI

Jacky Ho, founder of Jay’s Audio, believes that a CD is the best way to play music. Recently, his company released the CDT2-Mk3 model. This is a CD player without a built-in DAC. Traditionally for Jay’s Audio, the new product is based on the Philips CDM 4 drive with slot loading. It is complemented by an OCXO crystal oscillator.

The CDT2-Mk3 is ready to transmit a signal to an external DAC via an i2s LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) output equipped with an HDMI connector. In addition, coaxial (RCA/BNC) and AES/EBU outputs are provided.

Joy's Audio CD2-MP3 CD

The novelty receives AC power on the Schurter IEC connector, behind which a noise filter is installed. The power supply unit used a shielded Noratel transformer, and the digital outputs are provided with transformer galvanic isolation.

Joy's Audio CD2-MP3 CD

The sample rate can be switched from 44.1 kHz to 176.4 kHz using the remote control. Data about the operating mode is displayed on the dimmable display. CDT2-Mk3 was released in a black or silver case of standard dimensions — the device weighs 15 kg.

Joy's Audio CD2-MP3 CD

In the US, the novelty costs $2,400.

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