Furutech GT-D3 CF (R) power distributor: anti-resonant NCF in Formula GC-303 coated chassis

Audiophile power distributor Furutech GT-D3 CF (R) is made according to the passive scheme. In other words, there are no parts like capacitors or inductors, and even more so-semiconductor elements. The novelty simply distributes AC power to six sockets located in three modules (there is also a model GTO-D2 CA (K), in which there are only two such modules).

The network cable is connected to the distributor via a proprietary IEC FI-09 NCF (R) connector. The sockets are attached to the chassis by a GTX plate developed by Furutech. The contacts of the sockets are made of phosphorous bronze with a rhodium coating. They are insulated with a nylon-fiberglass composite, which includes a proprietary antistatic and antiresonance material NCF (Nano Crystal Formula).

Furutech GTO-D3 NCF (R)

In the composition of this substance — nanoscale crystalline piezoceramic particles and carbon damping filler. According to the company, the NCF parts in the device body effectively dampen vibrations. In this case, mechanical energy is converted into heat and radiated in the far infrared range.

The aluminum chassis of the distributor is covered with a foil made of Formula GC-303 fluoropolymer, which protects the conductors from radio frequency interference. Furutech representatives said that the GTO-D3 NCF (R) will provide the connected equipment with “greater resolution, clarity, powerful dynamics and an ultra-quiet sound stage.”

The cost of the new product has not yet been announced. The younger model of the splitter-Furutech GTO-D2 NCF (R) — costs $1,200 in the United States.

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