DALI Oberon C: the younger line got an active version

The Danish company DALI presented a series of active acoustics Oberon C. From the name it is clear that the ideology of new products is taken from the highly successful Oberon models, combining reasonable pricing with sound quality and adaptive design. The “C” prefix is ​​also available for the Callisto C and Rubicon C series – active speakers equipped with proprietary wireless technology.

DALI Oberon C

Oberon C is the younger brother of Callisto C and Rubicon C, they are united by the Sound Hub Compact wireless module, which uses its own 30-bit data transfer protocol. For Oberon C, it has its own design (more compact, devoid of BluOs module, but equipped with HDMI ARC), but it is compatible with all DALI models with the C index.

The wireless technology used operates with a maximum latency of 15ms, and the synchronization between the speakers is close to professional standards. Any set of Oberon C acoustics comes complete with a “hub”.

As for the acoustics itself, so far the Oberon C includes Oberon 1 C shelf units, Oberon 7 C floor standing speakers and Oberon ON-WALL C wall speakers. Each of these models, in principle, corresponds to its prototype from the Oberon series.

DALI Oberon C

Each Oberon C speaker is integrated with two final 50-W class D amplifiers with feedback, operating on a low- and high-frequency link or on dual drivers from Oberon 7 C. Prices and delivery times for Oberon C to the Russian market have not yet been announced.

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