Nubert nuPyramide 717 Exclusiv: eight emitters, two modes and any color finish

The German company Nubert has started selling an unusual bipolar acoustics nuPyramide 717 Exclusiv. The model received four 26 mm dome tweeters, two 150 mm mid-range and two 285 mm woofers.

The system turned out to be three-way, and the emitters were positioned as follows: one tweeter on each of the four sides and one woofer and midrange speaker in front and behind. There is a bass reflex port at the bottom. According to the manufacturer, the configuration used made it possible to create a speaker that will provide rich 360 ° sound to the listener anywhere in the room.

Nubert nuPyramide 717 Exclusiv

If the user wants to use nuPyramide 717 Exclusiv in conventional stereo mode with forward only sound emission, then there is such an opportunity – a special switch will limit the operation of the radiators for the classic 2-channel setup.

Nubert noted that in standard mode, all “additional” speakers will continue to work, but the intensity and range of their sound will be reconfigured by the intelligent system.

Nubert nuPyramide 717 Exclusiv

The nuPyramide 717 Exclusiv loudspeaker will deliver clear, detailed sound with powerful bass, no matter the mode, according to the developers. The speakers play out sounds in the range from 25 Hz to 25 kHz, have a low sensitivity of 83.5 dB, but at the same time they can work with amplifiers with a power of 500 W per channel (the maximum declared power is 680 W). There is built-in overload protection for emitters.

Nubert nuPyramide 717 Exclusiv

Column cases are assembled from natural wood. A special emphasis was placed on finishing: the buyer can choose absolutely any color from the RAL table. Each pair of speakers is made to order.

In Germany, a pair of nuPyramide 717 Exclusiv speakers will cost 11,500 euros.