Singletrax: Quick-lock, water-resistant mini bike speaker

American startup Singletrax, founded by cycling enthusiasts, has introduced a wireless mini bike speaker on Kickstarter.

The device assumes placement on the handlebars: first, a special holder module (a small round platform) is attached, and the column itself is screwed to it with one movement of the hand, which can be removed every time the bike is left unattended.


The creators of Singletrax stated that their mini speaker can also be used on any other vehicle, as long as there is room to secure the holder.

As for the technical details of the speaker, the device was equipped with two emitters: a passive one directed downward, an active one directed upward towards the listener. The speaker hides Bluetooth and a 12-hour battery (charging via USB). The body is made of aluminum and protected to IP67.


The bike column can be obtained through Kickstarter for $60. Deliveries will start in July 2021 worldwide. The startup needs to raise $25,000 – in the meantime, they have raised about $1,000. There is a month left until the end of the campaign.