Skullycandy has started using Tile Bluetooth trackers in fully wireless headphones

Modern wireless headphones have learned to prevent them from being lost: headphones can make sounds, automatically connect to mobile gadgets, save their last location in the application memory. However, there are still problems with fully wireless headphones. Such small devices are easily lost. Finding TWS headphones with dead batteries is not easy.

To make life easier for users, Skullycandy has decided to integrate Tile Bluetooth trackers into its new TWS headphone models. According to the manufacturer, the operating principle of the built-in tracker will not be any different from the usual Tile Bluetooth tag: you can find the headphones through the proprietary application. In addition, owners of Tile tags can use the Lost Mode mode, when activated, all trackers in the house will begin to “search” for headphones nearby Such a network of trackers, according to Skullycandy, works in 90% of cases. Each of the headphones will be equipped with its own label.

Among the new models with Tile trackers are Push Ultra, Indy Fuel, Indy Evo and Sesh Evo. All earphones are protected from dust and moisture. The batteries last for 6 hours (excluding additional batteries in cases) .In the US, the cost of Skullycandy headphones with Tile tags starts at $60.