Ruark Audio launches fourth generation R1 radio

The first version of the compact radio R1 from Ruark Audio came out 14 years ago – and now the company has introduced the fourth generation of the device.

Compared to the previous one, first of all, the appearance has changed: the speaker is not covered with a cloth, but with hand-made wooden slats – light or dark, depending on the finish of the case. The speaker was taken from the one installed in the R5 and R3 systems – the most modern 75-mm broadband speaker in the Ruark catalog. Gain – in class AB.

Ruark Audio R1 radio

The body itself is now made of polymer using a new process technology, which has resulted in greater rigidity and acoustic inertness. The display unit on the front panel has also changed: it is not inscribed in the frame, as in the previous generation, but is decorated with dark glass over the entire width of the front panel.

Ruark Audio R1 radio

The screen displays the time, the name of the radio station or track played via Bluetooth, as well as various settings. Sources, in addition to radio and Bluetooth, can also be devices connected to the line-in and to USB-C (mobile sources can be recharged through this connector).

In addition to the R1, you can purchase an updated BackPack II battery and a remote control. The start of sales is scheduled for early next year.