Syng Cell Alpha — the world’s first triphonic speaker

Syng has unveiled its first column, Syng Cell Alpha. The developers position it as the world’s first triphonic speaker. The new brand was founded by Christopher Stringer, a former Apple industrial designer. Christopher was co-founded by Damon Way, owner of a skateboarding shoe brand.

Syng Cell Alpha is the brand’s flagship product offering a variety of placement, connectivity and usage options. The audio system can be used alone, or multiple speakers can work together in a Smart Audio system. The audio system has a diameter of 300mm and a weight of 5.8kg. It can be installed on any horizontal surface or on the supplied stand. Inside the Syng Cell Alpha there are two woofers, between which the manufacturer has placed a matrix of three horn radiators. Each horn contains a midrange and tweeter that complements the subwoofers in a three-way configuration.

The development of the Syng Cell Alpha audio system is based on Triphonic sound technology, which the company describes as “an all-inclusive audio solution that turns listening into feeling”.

Currently, audio sources can be connected via dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, USB and via the HDMI ARC return audio channel. The cost of the Syng Cell Alpha audio system starts from $1,799.

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