Alcons Audio announces CRMS-SRHV/9040 universal home theater speaker

The main feature of the CRMS-SRHV / 9040 acoustics, according to Alcons Audio, is that it not only meets all the requirements of modern home theaters, but also meets the future standards of immersive sound.

This versatile two-way model can be used for both LCR sound and surround sound in large home theater installations. It is also suitable for sound mastering studios for films.

The novelty received a trapezoidal housing, tapering towards the rear wall, an 8-inch midrange / woofer, the same as in other acoustics of the CRMS series, and a ribbon tweeter RBN401 recessed into the proprietary horn. The phase inverter is brought out to the front panel and is located above the tweeter.

Alcons Audio CRMS-SRHV/9040

The acoustics can also be used as monitors either on their own or in tandem with a subwoofer – it plays from 58 Hz. The peak power of the model is 800 W. The special feature of the branded tweeter installed in the acoustics is its non-compression design, due to which it sounds linear at any sound pressure level.

According to the company, immersive sound formats are now at their peak and will only continue to evolve, so the Alcons catalog is constantly updated with models suitable for solving such problems. Through the use of the ALC amplifier-controller, equipped with proprietary VHIR and SIS processing technologies, the acoustics “has become an accurate and incomparably reliable instrument that produces sound of the highest quality with an increased dynamic range.”