Liedson Stream 4.7 v1. 2: new streamer and preamp

The French company Liedson has introduced a new version of its network player and pre-amplifier Stream 4.7 with an index of 1.2.

This compact device is supported by anti-vibration legs made of solid wood and weighs four kilograms. The model is assembled by hand at its own factory in France, all internal soldering is made with silver solder. The digital-to-analog converter installed inside is also a proprietary CMOS-based development from Texas Instruments. The streamer can receive the signal both over the network via Wi-Fi and Ethernet, and read files written to a USB flash drive. There is also a Bluetooth 5.0 module with aptX support and an analog input to RCA. The retail price of Liedson Stream 4.7 v1. 2 is 2490 euros, the device has already gone on sale.

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