Nova Audio Margo: the world’s first earrings

The Nova Audio company decided to approach the headphones from the jewelry side and started to develop the Margo model – these are ear-ear headphones with natural river pearls and a silver case.

In fact, these are not even earrings, but clips, so people with unpunctured ears can also wear them. Inside the miniature silver case, which is also available in the gold-plated version, is all the electronics, the heart of which is the Bluetooth 5.1 chip, which provides such small headphones with really low power consumption. So, without pauses, the headphones will work for more than 3 hours, and a special deep sleep mode will keep the charge at the moment when the headphones are not used for their intended purpose.

Nova Audio Margo

The headphones are mounted on the earlobe, so the owners can hear everything that is happening around them – there is no noise isolation. At the same time, thanks to the patented technology of directional sound, others will not hear the music and conversations of the owner of such headphones.

Nova Audio Margo

Soon, the developers will launch a Kickstarter fundraising campaign and at that time, perhaps, will publish more technical details about Margo, as well as the price.