Soundpeats Audio H1: Headphones with Hybrid Emitter System and Qualcomm aptX Adaptive Support

The Hong Kong-based company Soundpeats Audio, which has been producing wireless lifestyle headphones for several years, has unveiled the new Soundpeats H1 TWS headphones on Kickstarter. The manufacturer himself boldly stated that his headphones are the best model on the market in their price range.

The H1 headphones came out charged: a hybrid system based on two emitters, a Qualcomm 3040 Bluetooth chip, Qualcomm aptX Adaptive support, touch controls, active noise cancellation, a case with wireless charging, a large battery supply, voice control.

Soundpeats Audio H1

The company said its fully wireless H1 headphones will deliver high-quality, clear sound with good bass. The system, consisting of the Knowles balanced armature driver, a custom-made standard 8.6 mm speaker and a proprietary crossover circuit, is primarily responsible for the correct transfer of musical material. According to Soundpeats, the engineers tuned all the modules for a coherent balanced sound. Highs should be clear and collected even at high volumes. Low ones will not make the sound too blurry – titanium membranes are responsible for this, which are fast and able to convey all the nuances.

Special attention was paid to the Bluetooth module (5.2). According to the company, engineers have done everything to avoid interruptions in communications and other unpleasant side effects. Headphones can be connected to a source in mono mode. In addition to SBC and AAC codecs, the built-in chip supports the aptX Adaptive codec: automatic adjustment of the bitrate according to the source, full compatibility with devs that support aptX, aptX llc and aptX HD.

Soundpeats Audio H1

Also worth noting is the presence of Dual Mic CVC noise cancellation, designed to ensure clear phone conversations. There is compatibility with voice assistants Siri and Google Assistant. As for the batteries, one full charge should be enough for 10 hours of operation. Case will give another 30 hours. The case itself can be charged wirelessly or via USB-C.

The Kickstarter campaign was launched recently, but has already raised five times more than they wanted. Based on the exchange rate, the company managed to collect more than 55,000 euros, while the plan was only 10,000 euros. There is still a month before the end of the campaign. You can get the H1 headphones through Kickstarter at different prices: about 65 euros for one standard set (limited in time), about 75 euros for an extended Premium set (waking up the voice assistant using a voice command), 120 euros for two standard sets of headphones. There are also special offers for those who want to buy several sets at once.