Urbanista Los Angeles: wireless overhead solar-powered ANC headphones

Urbanista Los Angeles wireless headphones with active noise reduction have become the first model of the brand with a “permanent” charge from a solar battery based on Powerfoyle photovoltaic material. According to the developers, this material is able to power the headphones not only with the light of the sun, but also with any other artificial light.

An hour on the street in the daytime is enough for three hours of headphones (in cloudy weather, the headphones charge more slowly). If you charge the headphones at home, you can simply put them on the windowsill or connect them to USB charging.

Urbanista Los Angeles

If you look at the Los Angeles headphones from a traditional point of view, this wireless model is equipped with active noise reduction, can work with any mobile gadgets and Windows PCs, is compatible with voice assistants and supports automatic playback shutdown. The sound characteristics of the company has not yet been published.

In the US, the new Urbanista Los Angeles solar panels will be offered at a price of $ 200. Pre-orders should be launched soon.

Note that Urbanista Los Angeles is not the first solar-powered headphones. In 2019, JBL offered similar wireless headphones to Reflect Eternal, but the project was frozen.

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