Spotify update desktop app will allow you to listen to music offline

Spotify subscribers have started receiving an update to the streaming platform’s desktop app. It will allow you to download not only playlists, but also real music files.

The process of downloading music is similar to a playlist. On the page of the selected album, just click the download button (the circle with the arrow pointing down, to the right of the “play” button) . If you don’t have such a button yet, it means that the update hasn’t been received yet.

Spotify update

Another important point is that downloading music from Spotify is available exclusively to Premium subscribers. Free users can only download podcasts.

In addition to the ability to work offline, the current update contains other changes to Spotify. Among them, there are purely cosmetic ones — the design of the desktop and web player has changed. They got a uniform appearance. “Search” appeared on the left side of the navigation page. In addition, the playlist management has also changed. A pop-up window will inform you about the availability of the update.

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