Mark&Daniel Ultrumax acoustics: AMT broadband drivers in modular systems made of artificial marble

The company Mark&Daniel Audio Labs has introduced a series of modular acoustics Ultrumax. These systems are based on the AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tape driver from Mark&Daniel, which provided a record low frequency limit of 200 Hz for this technology.

In fact, AMT drivers are traditionally used as tweeters. But Mark&Daniel has consistently expanded their range into the low-frequency domain. Their 1st-and 2nd-generation Dreams AMT drivers already demonstrated wideband frequency ranges of 800 Hz-20 kHz. According to the manufacturer, the Ultrumax series was inspired by the spirit of Qin, the first great Creator of the Chinese dynasty (221 BC).

Mark&Daniel Ultrumax

Ultrumax acoustics are based on the AMT DM8a wideband driver with a corrugated membrane. These are modular systems that can include one (Ultrumax-1U model) or two (Ultrumax-2U) such drivers. Moreover, the version with two drivers can be supplemented with an Omni-directional super-tweeter (model 2U-ST), operating in the range from 7 kHz and higher.

Mark&Daniel Ultrumax

These ultrumax-Stand tube-mounted systems can be supplemented with an Ultrumax-Sub-Ia subwoofer of a fairly traditional design with a down-pointing 10-inch WOOFER. Another option is a low — frequency module-stand Ultrumax-Sub-IIa based on an 8-inch driver.

Mark&Daniel Ultrumax

Both low-frequency units have integrated amplifiers. One, class D and 150 watts of power, serves a low-frequency speaker — and another pair is designed to work with AMT drivers. Ultrumax acoustic cabinets, which are already traditional for Mark&Daniel, are made of very dense and heavy composite marble CAM of our own production.

As for prices, in the US, the Ultrumax-1U will cost $1,250, and the Ultrumax-Sub-IIa will cost $3,000 per pair.

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