Lindemann Musicbook Source II universal preamplifier/streamer

The updated series of compact multifunctional music devices from Lindemann has been expanded with the Source II streamer preamp.

According to the Lindemann, the new version of Source II features updated software that eliminates previous bugs and takes device performance to a new level. The company focused on support for Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect technologies, as well as on a number of other useful improvements – among them, accurate synchronization of sound with images when connected to a TV, sleep mode when connected to a network, volume control in 80 steps (from 0 to 80dB), display sampling rate when digital sources are connected, Roon Ready, etc.

Lindemann Musicbook Source II

Lindemann Musicbook Source II is equipped with an AK4493 DAC supporting Hi-Res up to 768kHz/32 bit and DSD 512. In network player mode, it supports PCM up to 384kHz/24 bit (with WLAN connection – up to 192 kHz) and DSD 256.

The preamplifier of the device is equipped with two analog inputs with the ability to connect a turntable with an MM-head – and the MM-phono stage is borrowed from the Limetree Phono model. Outputs are both balanced and unbalanced.

The Lindemann Musicbook Source II also features a 6.35mm headphone amp with switchable 0/12 dB gain. The manufacturer recommended headphones with an impedance of 16 ohms to 200 ohms.

Lindemann Musicbook Source II CD module

Like the previous version, the Musicbook Source II comes in two versions: with and without a built-in CD slot. Both modifications provide for the connection of external USB drives. A version with optional internal storage is also available. Among other things, the device allows you to stream music via Bluetooth (however, there is no information about codec support).

In Germany, the Lindemann Musicbook Source II is already available for an estimated price of €3,300 without a CD player. An additional 300 euros will be charged for the CD module.

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