Jadis Releases JS1 MkV and JS2 MkIV Lamp DACs Based on AKM Chips

Another premiere that did not happen at the High End Munich 2020, which was canceled this year: a pair of DACs with a Jadis tube analog part – models JS1 MkV and JS2 MkIV. Both new products are already available, they are made by hand at the Jadis factory in Wildubere, France. As for the younger model, Jadis JS2 MkIV – according to Jadis, it has a new digital circuit. JS2 MkIV received one AKM 4197 chip per channel. The result – at the input of USB Type-B, the system is capable of processing the bit rate of 24 bits / 384 kHz.

Other digital inputs – SPDIF, AES/EBU XLR and TOSLINK — work with a signal up to 24 bit / 192 kHz. Accordingly, the digital part of the JS2 MkIV received an updated power supply. Four proven ECC82 lamps are responsible for the analog signal in the new product, which allows it to be output to both unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR outputs. The older model, the Jadis JS1 MkV, is already equipped with AKM 4497 chips in a dual mono configuration. In addition, it received a separate power module. The JS1 MkV digital signal processing Board has also been updated. Jadis reported that the new product received three digital inputs with 24bit/192 kHz signal support: SPDIF (RCA and Toslink), AES/EBU and Optical ST. By USB, JS1 MkV is ready to accept 24 bit / 384 kHz.

Just like the younger DAC, there are balanced and unbalanced XLR and RCA outputs. The signal for them is formed by an ensemble of lamps from a pair of 6922, a pair of 12 AU7, one EF86 and one EL86. Jadis JS1 MkV, according to the manufacturer, is equipped with capacitors and other components of the audiophile class. The model is assembled in a non-magnetic stainless steel chassis. In the UK, the Jadis JS2 MkIV DAC costs 8,000£, and the Jadis JS1 MkV costs 17,000£ .