Xavian Quarta Evoluzione updated premium acoustics

Xavian, a Czech company with Italian roots, has updated the Quarta acoustics, which they introduced back in 2019. According to the manufacturer, the improved Xavian Quarta Evoluzione features “slightly optimized frequency response” and “improved overall sound quality”.

The main changes took place in crossovers. However, the firm also tweaked the internal damping. In addition to technical upgrades, Xavian began to release speakers in a new multi-layer glossy lacquer.

The Quarta speakers are the top rackmount model in the Classic series. The manufacturer positions the speaker system as a premium product with a luxury finish with natural veneer (several types of finish are offered: rosewood, walnut, zebrano, black gloss, etc.).

Xavian Quarta Evoluzione

Xavian Quarta Evoluzione feature closed box-type enclosures, exclusive Audio Barletta speakers (270mm woofer, 175mm midrange / woofer driver) and 29mm tweeters with a fading labyrinth acoustic design. The crossovers contain Mundorf resistors with a 1% tolerance, inductors, and Mundorf and Jantzen capacitors with a 3% tolerance.

The updated Evoluzione modification plays out sounds from 35 Hz to 30 kHz (-3 dB), has an impedance of 8 ohms and a sensitivity of 87 dB. Recommended wattage: 30 to 250 W. Acoustics provides bi-wiring and biumping connection.

In Europe, the cost of Xavian Quarta Evoluzione was 11,990 euros.

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