Cabasse has updated the sound profiles of The Pearl and The Pearl Akoya

Cabasse has announced the update of The Pearl and The Pearl Akoya speakers. Both systems received new Gen2 sound profiles, which have already become available through the proprietary Cabasse StreamCONTROL application.

As explained by the manufacturer, the new digital sound processing has allowed both speakers to achieve more concentrated and dynamic bass, optimized automatic adjustment to the room and the ability to adapt the sound in real time depending on the conditions.

The last point concerns intelligent volume control to protect the speakers from overloading and the listener from hearing loss. In any case, the firm has promised that the sound will always remain balanced and dynamic.

According to Cabasse, its digital technologies and the StreamCONTROL app will allow the speakers to be periodically updated and made better only with new software. The company considers this approach to be correct.

Sound Profile Gen2 is already available via StreamCONTROL for iOS and Android.

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