AudioSolutions Virtuoso L: new model of flagship speakers

The Lithuanian company AudioSolutions presented at the very beginning of 2021 the top model in the Virtuoso series under the letter L. These three-way speakers have become the largest in the line.

AudioSolutions Virtuoso L

They are characterized by increased dimensions and weight – each column weighs 120 kilograms with a height of 1410 mm, and are offered in a variety of finishing options. The design is traditional for this series – a tweeter with a silk dome with a diameter of 30 mm is responsible for high frequencies, two speakers with paper cones of 242 mm work on the bass.

The mid-frequency range in the area from 500 to 6500 Hz is voiced by a single driver with a cellulose diffuser with a diameter of 190 mm. The sensitivity of the speaker is stated at the level of 92 dB/1 m, the nominal resistance is 4 ohms, the input power is 360 Watts. The operating frequency range of audiosolutions Virtuoso L in the room is from 20 to 30 000 Hz.

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