AUDIA FLIGHT introduced a new integrated amplifier FLS 9

Italian company AUDIA FLIGHT introduced a new integrated amplifier FLS 9, previous model FLS 10 was alredy shown at “Vinyl Jam 2020” exhibition in Moscow. The novelty borrowed the balance preliminary stages from the FLS 1 model.

Terminal stages contain 12 powerful selected power transistors. Amplifier is powered from 8 sources with extra-low output impedance and noise. Bank of storage capacitors – at 120,000 microfarads, shielded toroidal transformer – at 1000 watts. Installation – on a circuit board with copper strips of increased thickness.

Device can work with low-sensitivity acoustics having impedance dips of up to 2 ohms. Output power (RMS) 2×150 watts at 8ohms, 2×290 watts at 4ohms or 2×500 watts at 2ohms. Frequency range (-3 dB): 0.3 Hz – 500 kHz, THD <0.05%, SNR 110 dB, dumping factor (8 Ohms)> 500.

Dimensions 450×150 x 440mm, weight 25.5kg. Available in silver or black. As an option, there are boards for MM/MC phono stage, USB-DAC, network DAC.

Audia Flight FLS 9 received an aluminum chassis with a text logo engraved on the top cover. The remote control also assembled an anodized case milled from aluminum. In the UK, recommended price of Audia Flight FLS 9 starts at 5,950£.