Iconic Artists Group became the copyright holder of The Beach Boys creativity and decided to virtualize the group

Iconic Artists Group has acquired the rights to The Beach Boys. As is usually the case, fans will find several “exclusive” editions, anniversary box sets and other similar releases. However, Iconic doesn’t stop there.

The main idea is to use the recordings of The Beach Boys to create unique VR/AR/3D/CGI materials. In particular, Iconic representatives announced their intention to create virtual interactive shows based on the group’s studio work.

“In 5 years, I’ll send you a message asking you to put on your Oculus Rift glasses and go watch The Beach Boys record at Western Recorders”, Iconic CEO Olivier Chastan told Rolling Stone. Moreover, Oliver noted that his company is considering creating accurate VR copies of musicians, as well as recreating their voices using AI technologies.

Note that under the terms of the deal, Iconic Artists Group received not only the group’s master recordings, but also the opportunity to use the name of the group, as well as all archived materials. In other words, the company was given full rights to manage the legacy of The Beach Boys.

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