HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive with iCoupler Digital Isolation: CD Add-on to Streamer

The brand of the Korean company Citech under the romantic name HiFi Rose has presented the RSA780 CD drive. The novelty in a laconic silver case will complement any HiFi Rose streamer – for example, the RS250 model – allowing not only playback, but also copying of CDs.

With dimensions of 152x152x25 mm and a weight of 900 g, the RSA780 takes up little more space on the table than a CD box. At the same time, the manufacturer spoke about an insulated structure with low noise levels and vibration protection. In particular, the RSA780 case received a rubberized base.

HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive

A single rotary switch on the side panel in the “isolation mode” position provides the system with read-only drives. In “normal mode” both read and write are available. The former, on the other hand, uses iCoupler digital isolation technology to reduce external noise.

On the other hand, in normal mode the HiFi Rose also works with a computer as an external USB-CDROM. There is a USB Type-B port for this purpose. The corresponding cable is included in the package.

HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive

The HiFi Rose RSA780 CD drive is already available in the UK for £349.

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