Deezer added a multi-user Family HiFi Subscription

French internet music streaming service Deezer has added a Family HiFi subscription to its packages. Family and HiFi packages are already available in Deezer, and the combination will give all their advantages: collective access to streaming audio as Hi-Fi without ads.

First of all, subscribers of Deezer HiFi will be able to switch to the family-high-fi tariff (nothing is said about Deezer Family). In the US, for example, you will have to pay an additional $5 per month for this. But the Family HiFi package will allow you to organize up to six individual profiles, protected by a password.

In addition, the Family HiFi subscriber will receive parental control rights. At the same time, all family members will be able to enjoy the benefits of the HiFi package. Especially for them, Deezer will generate a Family Mix according to the average data on family music preferences.

The HiFi package (and now Family HiFi) gives you access to 70 million tracks in 16-bit CD quality, which you can listen to on multiple devices, including iOS, Android, desktop PCs, and audio systems with streaming features.

Deezer’s offer is not a novelty in streaming audio. For the same price, you can use Amazon Music HD. Tidal will cost a third more, and Qobuz will be slightly cheaper. However, audio as above CD on Deezer is not yet available.

Almost all existing Deezer HiFi subscribers can get the Deezer Family package now — for now, it’s only available to Australians. New Deezer users will be able to subscribe to Family HiFi later, before the end of the year. In the US, the Deezer Family HiFi package costs $20 per month.

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