RX Reels: Military Carbon Fiber in Six Designs

The American company RX Reels produces a single product – tape reels. The leader of the company, Kevin Root, noticed from a young age that reels are the defining dominant of any tape recorder, and he became convinced how important this detail is.

The choice of material for the RX Reels proved to be a daunting task, but in the end they settled on CFRP. Next to RX Reels, on the Pacific coast of the United States, there are military aircraft factories that throw out huge scraps of CFRP sheets that are used to make reels.

RX Reels

The carbon bobbins are available in six different finishes. The shape of the slots allows you to press the tape with not one, but three fingers at once.

RX Reels

Particular attention is paid to the bushings on which the sidewalls are attached – and not with three, as in analogs, but with six screws. The bushings themselves are made of aluminum with a tolerance of only 0.002 mm. According to RX Reels, the bushing surface touched by the tape is nano-treated to reduce slippage.

RX Reels

Each 10.5-inch RX Reels is packaged in a special case with soft, porous liners and is designed to last a lifetime. In the US, one reel of RX Reels will cost $240.

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